Hybrid Recorders

Brand: Azbil North America, Inc

In addition to their chart-paper recording function, SR100/SR200 series hybrid recorders have a built-in SD card slot (cards sold separately) for recording data and saving and reading-in settings.

These recorders are also equipped with an LCD digital display for convenient monitoring of measured values.

Data display functions include 1-point digital display, multi-point combined digital display, and digital plus bar-graph display.

Various settings for measurement and recording can be changed easily using the keys and LCD digital display on front of the unit.
  •  SD card support
    • An SD card slot is built in (cards sold separately) for data recording and writing/reading of settings
  • Full multi-range input
    • This recorder handles up to 58 input ranges, including 10 kinds of DC voltage, 36 kinds of thermocouples, and 12 kinds of RTDs.
  • Easy data management using the communication function
    • Settings can be changed via the Web and alarms can be sent by E-mail by adding the optional Ethernet function.
  • Software package is included
    • Easy data recording, management, and information processing on a PC is possible by using the data acquisition software.
  • Alarm display and printing functions are standard
    • Alarms can be set individually for each input.
    • In the event of an alarm, the measured value flashes on the LCD display.
  • Comes with an end-of-chart alert function
    • An alarm can be set to give advance warning of the end of the chart.
  • Various computing functions
    • Measured data can be processed in accordance with user settings, and the results can be displayed for each channel whose data is recorded or displayed.

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