Digital Indicating Controllers

Brand: Azbil North America, Inc

The SDC series features PID controllers with full multi-range input, digital indication, and the new Ra-PID (RationaLOOP PID) and Just-FITTER algorithms.

The product lineup includes a diversity of models.

SDC15/25/26/35/36 models have a maximum of 2 control outputs, the SDC45 has 5, and the SDC46 (depending on the model number) as many as 7.

In each case there is a choice of relay contact, voltage pulse, continuous voltage, and current output types.

A smart loader package is available for easy set up and monitoring. Various input and output devices are also available for use with SDC series devices.
  • Space-saving design with a 65 mm depth (only 60 mm in the case of SDC15), and a front panel just 5 mm thick (SDC15: 2 mm)
  • Completely configurable full multi-range input selectable from among thermocouple, RTD, current, and voltage (SDC15: group multi-input).
  • Either on-off control or PID control using Ra-PID (RationaLOOP PID) + Just-FiTTER can be selected as the control method
  • Heating and cooling control can be done by changing the parameters of 2 control outputs, or of 5 outputs including event outputs
  • Communication functions (RS-485/Modbus-RTU, CPL) are available as an option.
  • Control output can be selected from among relay contact, voltage pulse, current, and continuous voltage, and it is possible (depending on the model) to use these outputs in combination with a second control output.
  • Selection of the desired combination of 3 or 2 event outputs (independent contacts), 2 CT inputs, 4 DI outputs (SDC15: 2 outputs), RSP input, and RS-485
  • Step operation is supported on the SDC35 and SDC36. These models can be used as simple program controllers
  • Distributor power supply function is available as an option (SDC45/46 only). No converter is required, so the number of components can be reduced.
  • Can be used with the Smart Loader Package (SLP-C35)

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