E Series Electric Actuator

Brand: A-T Controls, Inc

The original product line of TRIAC electric actuators, E Series electric actuators offer torques from 300 to 30,000 in. lbs. and numerous features including manual overrides, auxiliary switches, 4-20mA modulating control, several voltage options including 1-phase 24/120V/220V - 12 and 24VDC, 3-phase 220v, 380v, and 440v - view voltage chart.

The units feature EP-CYCLICAL gear trains and a unique manual override with handwheel.

All actuators are Type 4x and are designed for maximum cycle life due to our rugged motors and gear trains.

As with all TRIAC actuators, our E Series electrics are available with mounting kits on most ball, butterfly and plug valves.

The actuators are ideal for use on butterfly and louver dampers with the increased benefit of self-locking EP-CYCLICAL gears, eliminating the need for unreliable solenoid brakes.
  • CSA and CE Approved
  • Corrosion Resistant Type 4, 4X Construction
  • Self-locking EPI-CYCLICAL Gear Train
  • Standard Manual Override with Handwheel
  • Visual Position Indicator
  • Standard Two Auxiliary Limit Switches - 10amp at 120VAC
  • Torque Switches - 2 Standard on Models ETI-8600 and Larger
  • Optional Servo Card for Modulating Service
  • ISO5211 Mounting Patterns
  • 14º-160ºF Working Temperature


Actuator Type

  • Modulating
  • On-Off

Approvals & Certifications

  • CE
  • CSA

Motor Voltages

  • 115 Vac / 1-Phase / 50/60 Hz
  • 220 Vac / 1-Phase / 50/60 Hz
  • 220 Vac / 3-Phase / 50/60 Hz
  • 24 Vac / 1-Phase
  • 24 Vdc


  • ISO /DIN Mounting Configuration
  • ISO 5211 Mounting Patterns


  • 0 to 1,000 ohms

Standard Features

  • Visual Position Indicator

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