RCE4L/RCE4 Switch Box

Brand: Remote Control, Inc

RCE4L and RCE4 are mounted on the RC200-series according to VDI/VDE 3845, NAMUR on the top side of the actuator and are operated by its shaft.

In the standard design, the switch box is supplied with two microswitches which are effected by two independently adjustable cams.

Terminal strip with 8 x terminals and 2 x cable entries enables quick and easy wiring to the control system and solenoid valve.

Can be fitted together with our visual indication.

RCE4, which is higher than RCE4L, enables mounting of several microswitches or inductive sensors.


Approvals & Certifications

  • CE 0470 Ex II 2 GD EEx Ib IIC T5, T6

Cable Entry

  • M20

Cover Material

  • Aluminum
  • Powder-Coated Epoxy

Environmental Protection

  • IP67


  • 0.3 A at 250 V
  • 0.6 A at 125 V
  • 6 A at 250 V

Materials of Construction

  • Base Plate: Anodized Aluminum
  • Mounting Bracket: Stainless Steel


  • VDI/VDE 3845

Shaft Material

  • Stainless Steel

Supply Voltage

  • Inductive Sensors: 10-30 Vdc, 3-Wire
  • Inductive Sensors: 20-250 AC/DC - RCE4
  • Inductive Sensors: 5-36 Vdc, 2-Wire

Switch Type

  • Transistor (PNP)

Temperature Range

  • High Temperature Design: 0° to 140° C (32° to 284° F)
  • Switches (Typical V3 (2x)): -25° to 80° C (-13° to 176° F)

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