HPX API Process Pump

Brand: Flowserve Corporation

The HPX pump is the workhorse of the oil and gas and hydrocarbon processing industries, boasting unequaled versatility, reliability and safety.

The HPX is an overhung horizontal one stage pump and fully compliant with ISO 13709/API 610 (OH2) design criteria.
  • Lower Operating Costs Due To Comprehensive Hydraulic Coverage And Numerous Specialty Configurations That Permit Precise Selection For Best Operating Efficiency.
  • Longer Service Life Enabled By Centerline-Supported Casing That Withstands Nozzle Loads Beyond ISO 13709/API 610 Requirements And Minimizes Shaft Misalignment, Thereby Extending Rotor, Bearing And Seal Life.
  • Stringent Emissions Containment With ISO 21049/API 682 Seal Chamber.
  • Easier Maintenance Thanks To Back Pullout Design, Enabling Service Without Disturbing Motor Or Casing Connections.



  • Side-Top
  • Top-Top

Operating Parameters

  • Flows to 2000 m³/hour
  • Heads to 350 m (1100 ft)
  • Pressures to 80 bar (1160 psi)
  • Temperatures -160° C (-250° F) to 450° C (842° F)

Size Range

  • 1” to 14”

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