Durco Mark 3 Group 4 High-Capacity, Metallic, ASME (ANSI) Chemical Process Pump

Brand: Flowserve Durco

The all new Durco Mark 3 Group 4 pump offers increased capacity with proven Durco performance and reliability along with ASME B73.1 design features.

Offering flow rates to 3861 m /h (17 000 US gpm) — well beyond ASME size limits — the Durco Mark 3 Group 4 is ideal for high-flow, high-head applications in the chemical processing and general industries.
  • Reverse vane impeller is the only impeller design that offers repeatable pump performance throughout the life of the pump. Open impellers available.
  • Durco Seal Sentry seal chambers feature flow modifiers that extend seal life by providing optimal seal chamber environments.
  • Standard sealed bearing housing with labyrinth bearing isolators to keep lubricant in and contaminants out.
  • Two-piece power end design with self-contained bearing housing reduces maintenance costs and facilitates predictive maintenance.
  • Heavy-duty radial and thrust bearings are selected for long life and reliability.
  • External micrometer impeller adjustment accurately sets impeller clearance in 20 seconds, simplifying maintenance.
  • Rugged shaft and bearing design extends seal life, bearing life and reduces shaft deflection and vibration.


Operating Parameters

  • Discharge Pressures to 19 bar (275 psi)
  • Flows to 3861 m³/hour (17,000 gpm)
  • Heads to 125 m (410 ft)
  • Temperatures from -73° to 204° C (-100° to 400° F), Ductile Iron -29° to 204° C (-20° to 400° F)

  • Bulk Tank Transfer
  • Chemical Transfer
  • Waste Water Scrubber
  • Cooling Tower Feed
  • Ethanol Processing
  • Light Chemical Slurries
  • Corn Wet Milling
  • Reverse Osmosis Plants
  • Evaporator Feed

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