VTP Wet Pit Pump

Brand: Flowserve Corporation

The VTP vertical turbine pump is a diffuser type, single or multistage design for continuous service in wet pit and deep well applications.

With more than 300 bowl and impeller designs, the VTP provides unsurpassed hydraulic coverage to ensure the best pump selection for a wide variety of services.
  • Open Or Enclosed Lineshaft Construction.
  • Enclosed Or Semi-Open Impellers, Keyed Or Collet Mounted.
  • Bowl And Enclosed Impeller Wear Rings.
  • Cast Iron Or Fabricated Steel Discharge Heads.
  • Sealing Configurations For Open Lineshaft Construction.
  • Packed Box With Flexible Graphite Packing.
  • Single Or Dual Mechanical Seal.
  • Sealing Configurations For Enclosed Lineshaft Construction.
  • Enclosing Tube Tension Assembly For Oil Lubrication.
  • Water Injection Packing Assembly.
  • Above Ground Or Below Ground Discharge Flanges.
  • Multiple Drivers.
  • Electric Motors, Solid Or Hollow Shaft.
  • Engines With Right Angle Gear Drives.
  • Steam Turbines.
  • Separate Axial Thrust Bearing Assembly.
  • Standard And ISO 13709/API 610 (VS1), Latest Edition Configurations.



  • Byron Jackson Wet Pit Pumps - VTP
  • Deep Well
  • Flowserve Wet Pit Pumps - VTP
  • NSF61-G Certified
  • Short Coupled
  • Western Land Roller Wet Pit Pumps - VTP
  • Worthington Wet Pit Pumps - VTP

Operating Parameters

  • Flows to 13 600 m³/hour (60,000 gpm)
  • Heads to 700 m (2300 ft)
  • Pressures to 100 bar (1450 psi)
  • Settings to 365 M (1200 Ft)
  • Temperatures from -45° C (-50° F) to 300° C (570° F)

Size Range

  • Sizes from 150 mm (6”) to 1375 mm (55”)

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