Series 12443, 15443, 22461 Gate, Globe & Check Valves

Brand: Vogt

Flowserve Vogt Valves V-Port valve is particularly suited for “Continuous Blowdown” applications in power plants and “Speed Control” applications in hydraulic systems.

The design of the valve ensures positive flow regulation without sacrificing the shutoff capability expected of a globe valve.

The V-Port flow control valves have specially designed discs for combination shutoff and throttling service.

The shutoff and throttling surfaces are completely removed from each other in such a manner to insure that consistent flow rates are achieved during operation and that the shutoff seating surface is not subjected to the high velocities that occur at the throttling surface.

The discs are designed with an extended cylinder, which has V-shaped slots. As the disc is raised, the flow area at the V-shaped slots is increased, achieving regulation.

The extended V-Port disc legs are fully guided in the valve body during full lift, ensuring minimum vibration of the disc. Flow area generation at the disc throttling and seating surfaces are controlled to insure that a linear flow characteristic is achieved.

Flow is directly proportional to the valve lift for a constant pressure drop. A stainless steel dial and indicator permit the operator to accurately regulate and duplicate the flow to a desired volume.




  • Chemicals
  • Continuous Blowdown in Power Plants
  • Power & Related Industries
  • Refineries
  • Saturated Water Steam
  • Speed Control in Hydraulic Systems

Bonnet Material

  • Carbon Steel A105

Enclosure, Body Material

  • Carbon Steel A105

Flow Rate

  • Series 12443 & 15443: 1.46 to 14.6 Cv
  • Series 22461: 0.55 to 1.50 Cv


  • Liquids & Gases
  • Saturated Steam
  • Water


  • V-Ports

Pressure Rating

  • Series 12443 & 15443 for Class 1500 psi: 3,705 (kPa: 25,550, bar: 255.3) at 38° C (100° F)
  • Series 12443, 15443 & 22461 for Class 800 psi: 1,975 (kPa: 13,620, bar: 136.2) at 38° C (100° F)

Service Temperature

  • -28.8° to 537.8° C (-20° to 1,000° F)


  • Series 12443 & 15443 Valve: 1/2” to 2”
  • Series 22461 Valve: 1/4” to 1”

Trim Material

  • 13 % Chromium

Welded Connection

  • 1” Socket Weld End Female
  • 1/2” Socket Weld End Female
  • 1/4” Socket Weld End Female
  • 1-1/2” Socket Weld End Female
  • 2” Socket Weld End Female
  • 3/4” Socket Weld End Female
  • 3/8” Socket Weld End Female

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