Spring-Adjustable Immersion Thermocouple

Brand: Pyromation

The JB series spring-adjustable immersion thermocouple has a bayonet cap on an 8" spring (standard) to allow for immersion depths of 1/2" to 7".

This assembly is used in a variety of applications (with a bayonet adapter) where ease of installation and quick disconnect is preferred.

Standard and metric size bayonet caps and adapters are available.



Thermocouple Type

  • Type J, K, T

Tip O.D.

  • 0.125”, 0.188”, 0.250”

Leadwire Insulation

  • Fiberglass

Spring O.D.

  • 0.203”, 0.263”, 0.324”

Bayonet Cap Style

  • 7/16” I.D. single slot (Standard)
  • 12 mm I.D. Dual slot
  • 12 mm O.D. Dual Pin
  • 15 mm I.D. Dual slot


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