MS04 ORP Sensor Cube

Brand: Burkert Fluid Control Systems
Does not ship to Virginia, United States

The device is an ORP measurement sensor. It is used within the Online Analysis System Type 8905 by being plugged into a spare fluidic backplane slot. ORP value is one of the most important water parameters - it is an indicator for the activity of the disinfectant, with no measure of the applied dose but with measure of the remaining residual.

The ORP measurement sensor cube contains a Pt electrode and an Ag/AgCl reference system.

The electrical and fluidic connections are made via the connection panel of the system. The sensor cube is communicating via buS, so the recognition at the Online Analysis System is fully automatic. When plugging into a system you will find the sensor in the list of buS members for further customized adjustments.
  • Fully compatible with buS systems and a wide range of further analysis sensor cubes
  • Modular sensor cube for hot swap (exchange during operation)
  • Minimal sample water flow needed


Ambient Temperature Range

  • Operating: 0° to 40° C (32° to 104° F)
  • Storage: -10° to 60° C (14° to 140° F) without the Reference Electrode
  • Storage: 3° to 40° C (37° to 104° F) with the Reference Electrode

Approvals & Certifications

  • CE
  • EMC: EN 61000-6-3, EN 61000-6-2
  • UL


  • Power: 0.8 VA

Enclosure, Body Material

  • Polyphenylene Ether (PPE)
  • Polystyrene (PS)

Environmental Protection

  • IP20
  • IP65

Flow Rate

  • Sample Water: > 6 L/hr


  • < 90 % Relative Humidity, without Condensation


  • LED (According to NAMUR NE 107)

Materials of Construction

  • Lever: Polycarbonate (PC)

Measuring Error

  • Measurement Deviation: ± 10 mV

Measuring Range

  • -2,000 to 2,000 mV


  • Water (4 to 9 PH)

Operating Voltages

  • 24 Vdc

Plug Material

  • Polystyrene (PS)
  • PPE (Polyphenylene Ether)

Pressure Range

  • Sample Water - psi: 0 to 43.51 (kPa: 0 to 300, bar: 0 to 3)

Process Temperature

  • Sample Water: 3° to 40° C (37° to 104° F)

Response Time

  • T90 < 10 seconds

Seat / Seal Material

  • Seal: EPDM

Sensor, Probe Type

  • 2-Electrode System (Platinum Electrode & Ag / AgCl 3-mol KCl / l Reference Electrode)


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