Multivariable Model Predictive Controller

Brand: Azbil North America, Inc

SORTiA-MPC provides multivariable model predictive control technology as the core software component of SORTiA.

SORTiA-MPC stabilizes and optimizes operations in continuous processes, resulting in stable product quality, improved recovery rates and consumption rates, and energy savings.
  • Easy to use
    • The main feature of this software is multivariable model predictive control, which provides three degrees of freedom, allowing fully independent adjustment of optimization speed, feed-back strength, and feed-forward strength.
    • Thanks to this feature, the software can make adjustments according to the characteristics of the equipment.
    • For example, optimized speed can be kept at a reasonable value and feed-forward control for observation disturbance enhanced while maintaining robustness, so the system can easily cope even in cases where there are large modeling errors.
  • Functions based on on-site experiences
    • Developers of SORTiA-MPC include engineers who have been involved in process control for many years.
    • So this software includes control functions developed based on on-site experience and knowledge of important points when applying the multivariable model predictive control applications such as:
      • Handling methods for processes with very high interference
      • Handling methods when there are both quick and slow responding variables
      • Control of integral processes
  • Support for DCSs other than Azbil Corporation's
    • Use of an open system configuration not dependent on any existing DCS (distributed control system) allows use by the customers who have a DCS other than from Azbil Corporation.
  • Cost savings by virtualization
    • This software employs virtual technology to save costs on server replacement that is required every few years due to limited PC service life.
  • Pay-as-you-go fee system
    • Instead of a license fee system, which can cost several million yen per device, this software employs a pay-as-you-go yearly fee system (depending on the number of operation variables or connected users) to provide reasonable pricing starting at several hundred thousand yen depending on the scale of the device. 
    • This also serves to broaden the scope of application
  • Support in two languages
    • Users can select Japanese or English as a language to display in operation screens and messages.


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