Invitrogen™ - 1 Kb Plus DNA Ladder

Brand: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Invitrogen 1 Kb Plus DNA Ladder is designed for sizing and approximate quantification of double-stranded DNA in the range of 100 bp to 15,000 bp.

1 Kb Plus DNA Ladder consists of 18 individual chromatography-purified DNA fragments and has a reference band at 1,500 bp for easy orientation.

1 Kb DNA Ladder is ideal for separation on 0.8–1% agarose gels.
  • Sharp, clear bands - chromatography purified fragments for consistent and reliable results
  • Convenient - provided with 10X BlueJuice Gel Loading Buffer for tracking of sample DNA migration
  • Precise - an exact amount of DNA in each band



  • 0.5 μg/μL

Gel Type

  • Agarose

Gel Compatibility

  • Agarose gel


  • Individual Chromatography-purified DNA Fragments

Size Range

  • 100 bp - 15,000 bp

Volume (Metric)

  • 500 µL

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