Rolling Diaphragm Cylinders

Brand: ControlAir

The advent of the long stroke rolling diaphragm as a means of low-friction dynamic sealing has led to the development of the ControlAir Diaphragm Air Cylinder. These cylinders provide virtually frictionless conversion of pneumatic pressure to linear force.

The rolling diaphragm creates the perfect seal for friction free cylinders. It is a durable, flexible membrane shaped like a top hat with the peak of the hat fastened to the end of the piston and the “brim” clamped to the cylinder cap.

Inside of the cylinder this forms a long lasting frictionless seal between the piston head and cylinder wall.

The fabric reinforced elastomer rolling diaphragms are produced utilizing a microprocessor controlled process that is recognized as the leading edge mode of production. 

Custom diaphragm material design allows for operation of the cylinders at temperatures from -75°F to 400°F.


Pressure Rating

  • 145 psig (10 bar)

Ambient Temperature Limits

  • -40° to 222° F (-40° to 106° C)

Bore Sizes

  • 2.3”
  • 2.8”
  • 3.4”
  • 3.9”
  • 4.5”


  • Up to 4.2” (107 mm)

Diaphragm Material

  • Neoprene Rubber with Dacron Fabric

Other Materials

  • Aluminum Body
  • Chrome-Plated Steel Rod

Bearing Options

  • Bronze
  • Ball Bearing
  • No Bearing (Floating)

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