Test Plugs & Accessories

Brand: Trerice Gauges & Valves

The Trerice Test Plug provides a convenient access port for determining the pressure and/or temperature of process media contained in a pipe line or vessel.

The test plug is designed for use in chilled or hot water systems and is permanently installed in the system at the desired test location.

A test thermometer or pressure gauge with test adapter can be inserted through the plug to determine the conditions within the system.

When the probe is withdrawn, the inner valve plug and provide a secondary seal.

Nordel, otherwise known as EPDM, provides excellent service in hot or cold water. Nordel should not be used with hydrocarbon solvents, hydrocarbon oils, chlorinated hydro carbons or turpentine.

Neoprene, a synthetic rubber, provides excellent service in ammonia, high aniline point petroleum oils and silicate ester lubricants. Neoprene should not be used with silicone greases, silicone oils or di-ester based lubricants.


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