AKH3 Lined Ball Valve

Brand: Atomac

The AKH3 is an ANSI B16.10 short-pattern, reduced-port, lined ball valve. The floating ball design ensures bubble-tight shutoff.
  • Economical performance and improved process efficiency from bubble-tight shut-off across the pressure range of 1 to 19 bar (14.5 to 275 psi).
  • Long-term external leak protection provided by PTFE chevron packing rings in a deep stuffing box.
  • Thick, molded liner is securely attached to all coated components; liner integrity is valid by high voltage inspection process.
  • Low installation costs, as ASME dimensions permit the replacement of previously installed valves with no need to alter existing piping.
  • Safety assured by blowout-proof stem assembly and anti-static device.
  • Also Available as a V-port ball valve for modulating control services.



Pressure Class Range

  • Class 150

Seating Material

  • PTFE
  • PTFE - Glass-Reinforced
  • PTFE-Conductive

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