Active Ras Pull-Down and Detection Kit

Brand: Thermo Fisher Scientific

The Thermo Scientific Active Ras Pull-Down and Detection Kit enables selective enrichment and detection of GTP-bound Ras GTPase through a specific protein interaction with the Raf1 protein-binding domain.

The Active Ras Pull-Down and Detection Kit includes purified GST-Raf1 Ras-binding domain (RBD), glutathione agarose resin, positive and negative controls (GTPγS and GDP, respectively), lysis/binding/washing buffer, anti-Ras antibody, SDS sample buffer, spin columns and collection tubes.

The kit was validated using lysates from NIH 3T3 cells, a cell line known to have robust Ras activity.
  • Highly sensitive and accurate - optimized reagents, specific anti-Ras antibody and Western blot procedure ensure accurate controls and semi-quantitative results
  • Validated - functionally tested for Ras detection to ensure quality and performance
  • Compatible - effective for a variety of cell types from mouse, rat and human sources



  • Protein Quantitation Assay

Substrate Properties

  • Protein-based Substrate

Substrate Type

  • GTPase Substrate


  • GTPases
  • ATPases
  • Phosphodiesterases
  • Kinases (Multiple)
  • Phosphatases

Contents & Storage

  • Lysis/Binding/Wash Buffer (1X), 100 mL
  • SDS Sample Buffer (2X), 1.5 mL
  • GTPyS (100X), 50 µL
  • GDP (100X), 50 µL
  • Glutathione Agarose Resin, 3 mL
  • Anti-Ras Antibody, 5 units, 250 µL
  • Spin Cups, 30 cups
  • GST-Raf1-RBD Fusion Protein, 1 vial
  • Collection Tubes, 90 Tubes


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