TA901 Electro Pneumatic I/P Transducer

Brand: Watson McDaniel

The TA901 Electro Pneumatic (I/P) Transducer converts a milliamp current signal to a linearly proportional pneumatic output pressure. This transducer is designed for control applications that require a high degree of reliability and repeatability.

The TA901 is used in the control operation of valve actuators and pneumatic valve positioners in the petrochemical, HVac, energy management, textile, paper, and food & drug industries.
  • 4 to 20 mA Input
  • psi: 3 to 15 (kPa: 20.68 to 103.4, bar: 0.206 to 1.034) Output
  • Intrinsically Safe
  • Zero and Span Adjustments


NPT Connection

  • Electric: 1/2” NPT
  • Pneumatic: 1/4” NPT

  • Petrochemical
  • HVac
  • Energy management
  • Textile
  • Paper
  • Food 
  • Drug industry

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