DWEER Energy Recovery Device

Brand: Flowserve Corporation

The Calder DWEER work exchanger is the most efficient energy recovery device (ERD) ever developed.

It can recover up to 98% of the energy in the brine waste stream, which is then used to pressurize raw water and reduce the energy input for the high-pressure feed pumps up to 60%.

With the DWEER, the high-pressure pump does not have to be connected to the energy recovery device.

This permits the use of fewer, but larger, more efficient pumps.
  • The Most Efficient Energy Recovery Technology Available Today.
  • No Other Technology Achieves Higher Efficiency Or Lower Plant Operating Costs.
  • Its Unmatched Operational Flexibility, Specifically Its Wide Operating Range And Tolerance Of Foreign Objects, Translates Into Extremely High Availability And Reliability.
  • Wide Operating Range Enables Plants To Easily Accommodate Normal Fluctuations In Demand.
  • LinX™ Valve Offers Precise Control Of The Energy Transfer Mechanism As Well As The Operating Speed Of The System.
  • Materials And Clearances Can Pass Objects Up To 30 Microns Without Incurring Damage, So Special Flushing Procedures, Strainers Or Filtration Systems Are Not Needed.
  • Quiet Operation – Less Than 83 Decibels – Means Noise Hoods Or Enclosures Are Not Needed.
  • Its Installation Versatility, Basic Header Requirements And Lack Of Extra Equipment Such As Noise Enclosures, Strainers And Filters Greatly Simplify Plant Construction.
  • Extremely Low Maintenance Costs, High Availability And 25-Year Service Life Contribute To Low Total Cost Of Ownership.


Operating Parameters

  • Brine Flows to 350 m³/hour (1.4 mgd), Greater Flows Can be Achieved by Placing Multiple DWEER Units in Parallel
  • Pressures to 75 bar (1090 Ft)

Size Range

  • 160 m³/hour - 350 m³/hour

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