Type 2050 Single or Double Acting Pneumatic Rotary Actuator

Brand: Burkert Fluid Control Systems
Does not ship to Virginia, United States

The pneumatic rotary actuator, Type 2050, consists of a single or double-acting pneumatic linear piston actuator with internal quick-acting screw thread coupling to a turn element and a universal mechanical interface to DIN 3337 and ISO 5211.

During the linear movement of the piston under the pressure of the control air or the force of the return spring, the actuator shaft is turned through 90° by the quick-acting screw thread coupling.

This rotary movement can be used to operate corresponding armatures such as ball valves, flap valves, etc. The actuator has an optical display for the piston position. The materials employed permit use under heavy-duty, slightly aggressive environmental conditions.

In order to ensure the full functionality of the rotary actuator, a minimum control pressure of 2 bar (control function I) or 3.5/4.0 bar (control function A, see Technical data) is required. The drive operates maintenance-free.
  • Can be combined with position feedback or control head
  • Flange acc. ISO 5211 and DIN 3337
  • Long life cycle
  • Optical position indicator
  • Pilot valve connection NAMUR


Material of Construction

  • Actuator: PA6 GF30
  • Pilot Air Ports: Stainless Steel 1.4305
  • Seal: NBR
  • Internal Parts: POM and PBT
  • Actuator Shaft: Stainless Steel 1.4308

Ambient Temperature

  • -10° to 60° C

Actuator Size

  • Ø 63 mm, Ø 100 mm


  • 90° ± 3°

Pilot Pressure

  • 2 to 10 bar

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