CAV Nuclear Pump

Brand: Flowserve Corporation

This ASME Section lll, Class 2 and 3 pump is designed for chemical and volume control system charge service with boiling water reactors (BWR), pressurized water reactors (PWR), and pressurized heavy-water reactors (PHWR).
  • Suction and Discharge Connections Meet AREVA Piping Requirements.
  • Outer Casing Is Designed For Full Working Pressure And Meets All Pressure Boundary Requirements For Pump Equipment.
  • Inner Assembly Has An Internal Crossover That Reduces Hydraulic Thrust And Increases Bearing Life.
  • Standard Cartridge Seal Reduces Maintenance Time And Man-Rem Exposure Associated With Change Out
  • Optional Bearing Housing Mounted In The Motor Stand Permits The Use Of Standard Electric Motors Without Thrust Bearings.
  • Four-Piece Spacer Coupling Allows Maintenance To Bearings And Mechanical Seal Without Removal Of The Electric Motor.



  • Vertical Multistage Barrel

Operating Parameters

  • Flows to 60 m³/hour (265 gpm)
  • Heads to 2000 m (6560 ft)
  • Pressures to 235 bar (3410 psi)
  • Speeds to 3600 rpm
  • Temperatures to 100° C (212° F)

Size Range

  • 2” to 4” Discharge

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