Sensor Box

Brand: United Electric Controls Ltd
Does not ship to United States

The SENSOR BOX is a rugged toolbox containing all of the parts and tools to quickly and easily build the sensor you urgently need. Sensor Box is specified in three stages, to maximize its flexibility:
  • The foundation: the Tool Box and tools required to build sensors (everything you need will be close at hand!)
  • The sensor diameter required - choose based on either 0.250" or 0.188" diameters (need both? Add parts as needed!)
  • The terminal heads required - choose either NEMA 4 or explosion-proof terminal heads (or specify option E99 and customize the box however you like!)


Electrical Connectors

  • Terminal Block

Enclosure, Body Material

  • Stainless Steel

Environmental Protection

  • Explosion-proof
  • IP66
  • NEMA 4


  • Grounded
  • Ungrounded


  • Lead Length: 48” (121.9 cm)

Materials of Construction

  • Lead & Strain Relief (TS1094): Teflon
  • Lead: Fiberglass
  • Nipple with 2” Long (NS1002): Stainless Steel
  • Wire Guide (TS1092): Nylon

RTD Type

  • Pt100

Sensor, Probe Connection

  • RTD: 3-Wire
  • RTD: 4-Wire

Sensor, Probe Diameter

  • Sensor: 0.188” (4.77 mm)
  • Sensor: 0.250” (6.35 mm)

Sensor, Probe Type

  • E Thermocouple
  • J Thermocouple
  • K Thermocouple
  • RTD
  • T Thermocouple

Temperature Range

  • Style MI1113 or MI1115, Fiberglass Lead: 482.2° C (900° F)
  • Style MI1113TF or MI1115TF, Teflon Lead: 204° C (400° F)


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