995 Series Pressure Regulator

Brand: Trerice Gauges & Valves

The Trerice 995 Series Pressure Regulator is used in reducing pressure in steam, air and water systems.

The 995 includes a spring-loaded diaphragm that can be externally adjusted to provide uniform outlet pressure.

It features a cast-iron body and either a bronze diaphragm for steam service or Viton diaphragm for water, oil or air service.

This regulator is designed for use in a variety of commercial, institutional and industrial applications.

Suitable for a variety of pressure regulating and pressure reducing applications.
  • Cast-Iron Body
  • Stainless Steel Seat & Disc
  • ⅜" NPT - 2" NPT Sizes
  • Double Spring Available with Extended Outlet Pressure Range


Diaphragm Material

  • 995B: Bronze
  • 995V: Viton


  • 995B: Steam
  • 995V: Air, Water, Oil


  • Cast Iron


  • Hardened 420 Stainless Steel


  • Stainless Steel (3/4” NPT HC & Larger)

Minimum Inlet Pressure

  • 15 psi

Maximum Inlet Pressure

  • 250 psi

Minimum Differential Pressure

  • 15 psi

Maximum Differential Pressure

  • 125 psi

Maximum Operating Temperature

  • 995B: Max. - 450° F (230° C)
  • 995V: Max. - 300° F (150° C)

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