IPS Wireless

Brand: Flowserve Corporation

Flowserve IPS Wireless technology provides cost-effective, reliable and scalable data communication systems that enhance customer productivity and profitability.

IPS Wireless employs open platform architecture to ensure it will interface and integrate easily with most existing instrumentation, software and controllers. Its non-line-of-sight technology guarantees reliable data communication in even the most hard-to-reach locations.

Data can be integrated from existing monitoring devices outputting Analog or digital signals, then transmitted wirelessly from tanks, pipelines, pumps and other rotating equipment. Supported communications include: 4/20 mA, pulse, milliVolt and Modbus.

Devices operate in several frequency spectrums (902-928 MHz, 868 MHz or 2.4 GHz) and are certified to ATEX and CSA/NRTL Class 1 Div. 1.
  • Multiple- And Single-Point Transmitters Provide Wireless Data Acquisition And Transmission Of Analog And Digital Signals In A Single Self-Contained, Self-Powered Unit. Programmable Omni-Directional Radio Signal Transmission Enables Intelligence To Be Placed At The Edge. The Always-On Status Enables Transmission Rates To Vary According To Sensor Signal Values, Prolonging Battery Life.
  • Receivers Communicate From IPS Wireless Single-Point Transmitters And Remote Transmission Units To The Customer'S Data Management System. The Receivers Utilize Spread Spectrum, Frequency-Hopping Data Management Technology That Allows Up To 2500 Single-Point Transmitters To Be Monitored And Can Be Expanded In Multiples Of 2500 Transmitters.
  • Remote Transmission Units (RTU) Can Be AC-Powered Or Solar-Powered With Backup Batteries And Allow A Flexible Number Of Sensor Channels (2, 4, 8, 16, 24, 36). Each Channel Is Equipped With A Removable, Unique Conditioning Module That Can Be Changed Based On The Desired Sensor. The IPS Wireless RTU Uses The Same Radio Transmission Technology As Battery-Powered Transmitters, Eliminating The Need To Incorporate Separate Modems. The IPS Wireless RTU Has A Self-Transmitting Range Of 1.2 Km (.75 Miles), But Its Effective Transmission Range Can Be Extended To 11.2 Km (7.0 Miles) With The Addition Of A Network Of Multiple Repeaters. 
  • Intelligent Repeaters Extend The Transmission Range Of IPS Wireless Single-Point Transmitters And RTUs. This Technology Increases The Reliability Of The Signal Transmission At A Fraction Of The Cost Of Traditional Transceiver Or Line-Of-Sight Systems That Require Self-Healing Mesh Technology.
  • Remote Start/Stop Units Are Comprised Of A Local Transmission Unit And A Remote Receiving Unit. They Are Able To Send And Receive Both Analog And Digital Commands To Start Or Stop Pumps And Motors And Open Or Close Control Valves.
  • Installation And Operating Cost Savings IPS Wireless Is A Truly Wireless System And Can Be Installed For A Fraction Of The Cost Of A Typical Hard-Wired System. Once In Place, IPS Wireless Helps To Lower Operating Expenses By Providing Improved And Reliable Data Collection And Integration So Plant Operators Receive Actionable Information, Not Just Data.
  • Integration Flexibility IPS Wireless Can Provide A Complete Monitoring And Data Collection System Or Be Integrated Into An Existing One. The Open Platform And Scalable Architecture Of IPS Wireless Means It Can Easily Interface With Existing Instrumentation And Controllers. Supported Communications Include: 4/20 MA, Pulse, MilliVolt And Modbus.
  • Reliable And Secure Data Transmission IPS Wireless Uses Secure And Reliable Packaging And Decoding Methods To Ensure Data Integrity. Moreover, Its Omni-Direction Radio Signal Transmission Technology Allows Data Streams To Be Securely Routed To Control Units Anywhere In The Plant.
  • Reduced HS&E Risks By Enabling Enhanced Leak Detection And More Reliable Monitoring Of Critical Processes, IPS Wireless Can Lower HS&E Risks In Refineries And Process Plants.
  • Regulation Compliance In Applications Where Redundant Monitoring Systems Are Mandated By The Government, IPS Wireless Provides A Reliable And Cost-Effective Solution For Compliance. IPS Wireless’ Open Platform And Scalable Architecture Enable It To Be Cost-Effectively Integrated Into Existing Installations To Provide That Extra Measure Of Protection.

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