VCT Wet Pit Pump

Brand: Flowserve Corporation

Mixed-flow circulating pump designed for continuous duty wet-pit applications requiring large capacities at relatively low pressures.

Often used in power plants, desalination, cooling water, drainage, flood protection and water supply.

Pull out and non-pullout designs offered.
  • Reliable, Efficient Performance Assured By A Five-Mitered Elbow Discharge Head Designed To Reduce Friction Loss.
  • Outstanding Operating Efficiency Arising From Multiple Hydraulic Combinations That Allow Precise Configuration.
  • Longer Service Life Due To An Inner Column Enclosing Tube That Is Internally Pressurized To Lubricate Bearings And Prevent Shaft And Bearing Damage During Operation.
  • Design Flexibility With Above- Or Below-Grade Discharge, Pullout And Non-Pullout Designs, Plus Grease, Freshwater Or Self-Lubricating Column Constructions.


Operating Parameters

  • Flows up to 750,000 gpm (170,000 m³/hour)
  • Heads Up 350 Ft (110 m)

Size Range

  • 20” to 120”
  • 500 mm to 3000 mm

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