Apex 7000 Analog Positioner

Brand: Flowserve Corporation

The Apex 7000 Series provides accurate valve positioning with advanced features.

Usable with 3–15 psi pneumatic control signals, or optional current-to-pressure transducer for 4-20 mA signal input.
  • Corrosive Environment Capability Assured By Epoxy Powder-Coated Aluminum Construction Of All Exposed Parts, Plus Gold-Plated Spool Valve.
  • Greater Reliability From Compact, Rugged Design With Few Moving Parts.
  • Broad Application Versatility Provided By Multiple Cam Options.
  • Equally Well-Suited For Use With Pneumatic Linear Actuators And Cylinders And May Be Installed On Any Actuator Conforming To The NAMUR Standard. Automax Also Offers A Full Line Of Mounting Hardware For Non-NAMUR Actuators.
  • Installation Ease With Quick And Simple Non-Interacting, Zero-Span Adjustment
  • Easy Field Upgradability To Electro-Pneumatic I/P Options Without Removing Cover.
  • May Be Used With 3-15 Psi Pneumatic Control Signals Or Fitted With Current-To-Pressure Transducers For 4-20 MA Signal Inputs.



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