AKH7 Lined Ball Valve

Brand: Atomac

AKH7 valves are easy to install in glass pipe systems with socket/ball or plane ends according to DIN/ISO 3587 and 4704.
  • Molded fluorocarbon resin liners are made of either FEP or PFA, depending upon application, for both long service and high corrosion resistance due to their uniform and blowhole-free thickness. 
  • The liners non-stick properties are also ideal for handling highly viscous fluids or for those process applications with high purity requirements.
  • Anti-static device protects against potentially dangerous electrostatic discharges.
  • Stem is internally assembled to eliminate possibility of blowout.
  • Long-term protection against atmospheric leakage is provided by PTFE chevron packing rings in the deep stuffing box and by the molded liner/seal.
  • AKH7 valves are also available with conductive material for the linings, seals and gland packings.
  • For flange/glass end connections the AKH7-KPF is available.



Ball Material

  • Aluminum 203 for ASTM
  • Ductile Iron A395 for ASTM & GGG-40.3 DIN EN 1563
  • FEP for ASTM
  • PFA for ASTM
  • Socket/Ball Side Piece: PTFE Glass

Flange Material

  • Flange Side Piece: Steel for ASTM

Flow Rate

  • 39 to 1,700 Cv

Gland Material

  • Gland Follower: PTFE-Graphite for ASTM & DIN
  • Stainless Steel A351 CF 8 for ASTM

Materials of Construction

  • Grounding Device: AISI 301 Stainless Steel, 1.4310 for ASTM & DIN 17224
  • Hand Lever: Galvanized Steel for ASTM
  • Hexagon & Stud Fasterner: Stainless Steel A193 B7YC, B8 for ASTM
  • Hexagon, Stud Fastener, Safety, Lock Washer, Grounding Strap: AISI 304 Stainless Steel, 1.4301 for ASTM & DIN 17440
  • Side & Center Piece: Ductile Iron A395 for ASTM & GGG-40.3 DIN EN 1563
  • Side & Center Piece: FEP for ASTM
  • Side & Center Piece: PFA for ASTM

Nut & Bolt Material

  • Hexagon: AISI 304 Stainless Steel, 1.4301 DIN 17440
  • Hexagon: Stainless Steel A194 7YC for ASTM

Packing Material

  • PTFE for ASTM & DIN
  • PTFE-Graphite for ASTM & DIN

Ring Material

  • Seat Ring: PTFE for ASTM & DIN


  • 1” to 4” (25 to 100 mm)

Stem Material

  • PFA for ASTM & DIN
  • Stainless Steel A351 CD-4MCu for ASTM

Temperature Range

  • 20° C (68° F)

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