N-Seals Nuclear Primary Pump Seal

Brand: Flowserve Corporation

The result of years of research, thousands of hours of rigorous testing and decades of primary pump application experience, the Flowserve N-Seal primary pump seal represents the nuclear industry’s most advanced mechanical seal technology.

With each of three stages capable of sustaining 100% system pressure, the N-Seal has successfully provided proven service life and fail-safe redundancy in Flowserve Byron Jackson® primary coolant pumps for years.
  • Unique Cartridge Construction Simplifies Installation, Enables More Accurate Seal Setting, And Keeps Associated Costs Low.
  • Triple Redundant Seal Design Mirrors Existing Seal System Parameters.
  • Each Of The Three Stages Can Handle 100% Of The System Pressure.
  • Hydrodynamic Seal Face Technology Outperforms Hydrostatic Designs With Dramatically Improved Reliability And Running Periods.
  • Three Different Seal Face Lift Designs Are Available To Ensure Non-Contacting Faces Over A Broad Operating Range.
  • Pressure Is Automatically Redistributed To The Remaining Two Stages In The Event Of A Stage Failure, Allowing The Plant To Complete The Fuel Cycle. Interchangeability Of Stage Components Enables Spare Parts Inventories And Carrying Costs To Be Reduced.
  • Large Axial Travel Capability Maximizes Operating Life; Sealing Integrity Maintained Through All Plant Transient Scenarios.



  • Nuclear Seal

Operating Parameters

  • Discharge Pressures to 170 bar (2500 psi)
  • Speeds to 1800 rpm
  • Temperatures to 300° C (580° F)

Size Range

  • 6” to 9.62” Shaft Size

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