BulkTite OEM & Special Duty Seal

Brand: Flowserve Corporation

Dry running, non-wearing, non-damaging and low maintenance seal for powder and bulk solids handling equipment.
  • Porous Air Bearing Technology Improve Seal Life.
  • Prolongs Seal Life Through:.
  • Floating Rotor Allows 3.2 mm (0.125 inch) Radial Movement.
  • Durable Drive O-Ring Absorbs Shaft Thermal Expansion.
  • Unique Rotor Design Accomodates Up To 2 Degrees Angular Misalignment.
  • Propriatary Porous Media Minimizes Air Consumption While Reducing Operating Cost.


Operating Parameters

  • 0 to 3.3 bar (0 to 50 psi)

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