WDF Nuclear Pump

Brand: Flowserve Corporation

The WDF is a vertical, single stage pump specifically designed for safety related shutdown services in nuclear power plants. 

It features bottom suction and side discharge for a compact piping arrangement.
  • Bottom Suction And Side Discharge Nozzles Provide For Compact Piping Arrangement.
  • Three-Piece Spacer Coupling Allows For Maintenance To The Seal Without Needing To Remove The Motor.
  • Cartridge Seal Provides Ease Of Maintenance.
  • Enclosed Impeller Allows For Equal Thermal Growth In Case The Pump Is Shocked With High Temperature Water.
  • Separate Bearing Support Above The Seal Chamber Provides Shaft Support And Reduces Vibration Input To The Mechanical Seal.



  • Vertical Single Stage

Operating Parameters

  • Flows to 900 m³/hour (4000 gpm)
  • Heads to 245 m (800 ft)

Size Range

  • 6” to 12” Discharge

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