PSS 4 OEM & Special Duty Seal

Brand: Flowserve Corporation

Advanced technology semi-cartridge split seal for pump and mixer applications.

The PSS 4 split seal, with intrinsic joint alignment technology, provides the easiest and most successful installation routine to make reduced equipment downtime and increased reliability routine.
  • Exclusive 3D Key Technology Assures Optimum Face Alignment In Both Axial And Radial Direction, Reducing Leakage And Installation Time.
  • Unique Setting Tabs Optimally Position The Rotating Face For Installation While Eliminating All Seal Positioning, Measuring And Marking, Further Assuring First Time/Every Time Installation Success.
  • Easily Handles Mixer Equipment Runout Up To1.5 Mm (0.060 Inch) TIR Radial Shaft Movement, Accommodating Demanding Mixer Characteristics.
  • Fully Split Designs Installs Easily Around The Shaft, Outside Of The Seal Chamber, Eliminating The Need To Dismantle The Equipment For Seal Installation.
  • Easy Installation Made Even Easier With Fully Pre-Assembled, Unitized Component, Semi-Cartridge Design.


Operating Parameters

  • Full Vacuum to 30 bar (450 psi), -18° to 121° C (250° F), up to 19.3 m/sec (3800 fpm), 38 to 152 mm (1.500 to 6.000”)

Size Range

  • 1.500” to 6.000

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