ESP3 Sump Pump

Brand: Flowserve Corporation

Boasting the same casing, reverse vane impeller and CBL cover as the industry-leading Durco Mark 3 TM chemical process pump, the ESP3 is ruggedly built to handle tough applications.

It is the only vertical wet-pit immersion sump pump to offer parts interchangeability with standard ASME B73.1 horizontal pumps.

The upshot is increased parts standardization and reduced inventory costs.
  • Increased Parts Standardization And Reduced Inventory Costs From The Only Vertical Wet-Pit Immersion Sump Pump To Offer Parts Interchangeability With Standard ASME B73.1 Horizontal Pumps (Durco Mark 3).
  • Repeatable Performance For The Life Of The Pump Due To Reverse Vane Impeller.
  • Reduced Maintenance And Downtime In Difficult Process Fluids Owing To A Wide Array Of Wetted Materials, Bearing Materials And Flush Plan Options.
  • Low Total Cost Of Ownership Made Possible By Many Features Designed To Reduce Costs Associated With Installation And Maintenance.


Operating Parameters

  • Flows to 1300 m³/hour (5700 gpm)
  • Heads to 116 m (380 ft)
  • Pressures to 12 bar (175 psi)
  • Temperatures to 180° C (350° F)

Size Range

  • Pit Depths to 6 M (20 Ft), Greater Depths Achievable with Optional Tailpipe
  • Sizes from 25 mm (1”) to 200 mm (8”)

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