AKH7-KP Lined Ball Valve

Brand: Atomac

The AKH7-KP Lined Ball Valve is engineered exclusively for glass pipe systems.

It is available with socket/ball or plane ends according to DIN/ISO 3587 and 4704. For flange/glass end connections, the AKH7-KPF is available.
  • Long service life and high corrosion resistance via FEP- or PFA-molded fluorocarbon resin liners (others available on request).
  • Handling of highly viscous fluids or process applications with high purity requirements enabled by liners’ inert, non-stick properties.
  • Increased plant and personnel safety assured by anti-static design and anti-blowout stem, plus long-term leak protection provided by PTFE chevron packing rings and molded liner/seal.



Pressure Class Range

  • Class 150
  • PN 10
  • PN 16

Seating Material

  • PTFE
  • PTFE - Glass-Reinforced
  • PTFE-Conductive

Size Range

  • 1” - 2”
  • DN 25 to DN 50

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