Hiway Life Extension Program

Brand: Azbil North America, Inc

The azbil group has developed programs that achieve optimum Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), by extending the useful life of existing systems currently controlling the production facilities.

Existing azbil and Honeywell control systems which were co-developed and are co-owned by both companies are candidates for the program.

More than 10,000 such systems are operating around the world today. In the targeted plants, many of these systems are more than 30 years old.

But merely replacing equipment is difficult; often the cost far exceeds the benefit. Investment values are severely scrutinized but capital expenditures plans are made depending on the investment value.

For example, in plants that have been operated with satisfactory performance, continuing use (life-extension) for another 15 years is desirable, and can be done with minimal investment.

Migrations to newer technologies are expensive, time consuming, risky and in many cases are not providing the promised Return on Investment (ROI).

Maintaining existing control systems that are proven, well understood and require no new training can be a viable alternative.

As the core part of AEP, Azbil Corporation's Hiway Life Extension program can maintain a system for a fraction of the cost to replace and can remove the risks and downtime associated with migrations.

Complete Solutions - With the Hiway Life Extension program, Azbil Corporation has begun to offer newly designed electronics and Analog cards for the original Hiway devices that utilize advanced components and circuit designs to reduce both the number of components on the card (to enhance reliability and decrease power consumption) and the number of different cards required (to reduce spare parts requirements).

Compared to the original Hiway electronics cards, the newly designed electronics will improve performance and reduce electrical requirements to a significant degree.

However, since the basic form factor remains the same and the control capability remains the same, the redesigned cards will slide right into the slots in users' existing Hiway system enclosures without the need for any reconfiguration of the existing control system.

Azbil Corporation will offer a 15-year manufacturing guarantee after product inception and 10 years of additional support after manufacturing completion for these redesigned cards.

Azbil Corporation has also established a repair policy, including complete overhaul to the component level and upgrading to the latest revision level for other Hiway parts.

Support services and guaranteed parts contracts can also be provided as needed to meet specific site and or company requirements.

The Hiway Life extension program provides a practical option for maintaining the viability of installed control systems for both near and long term, without having to engage in a capital intensive system migration or wholesale system replacement.

For those who want to avoid the cost and disruptions associated with automation system replacements and preserve their IP investments, Azbil Corporation has solutions to meet your needs.


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