In-Line Threaded Diaphragm Seals

Brand: Trerice Gauges & Valves

The Trerice In-Line Threaded Diaphragm Seal is furnished with a Clean-out design in threaded or socket-welded pipe connections of ¼" through 1".

Since the diaphragm seal is installed “in line” to the system piping, the process media will flow through the seal, eliminating the “dead-end” area found on threaded or flanged seals.

Available diaphragm choices include: Teflon (T),Viton (V), Removable Metal (M) and Welded Metal (W).

Protective devices that isolate a pressure sensing instrument from the process fluid being monitored. Especially useful when measuring corrosive or viscous pressure mediums.
  • Clean-out Design
  • Threaded or Socket-Welded Process Connection


Available Diaphragm Types

  • M, T. V, W

Diaphragm Size

  • Standard, Large

Process Conenction

  • Threaded or Socket-Welded

Clean-Out Design

  • Yes

1/4 NPT Flushing Connection

  • No

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