Spirax SafeBloc

Brand: Spirax Sarco

The Spirax SafeBloc is a double isolation solution, with a unique space-saving design, offering reduced installation time and fewer leak paths.

Faster and easier to install than a traditional double block and bleed assembly, the Spirax Safebloc has an innovative design which incorporates two bellows sealed isolation valves and a bleed port in one compact assembly.

Easy to use and commission, the Spirax Safebloc can be installed without pipework modifications, into the space left by an existing single isolation valve.

Spirax SafeBloc Developed to meet the increasing demands of health and safety requirements where traditional single isolation of plant is inadequate, the Spirax Safebloc is a cost effective double isolation solution.

Protecting users and maintenance personnel across a wide range of applications and industries it meets best practice requirements to comply with the most stringent risk assessments.
  • Double isolation in the space of one valve.
  • Quick and easy installation providing lower labour costs and less plant downtime.
  • Low pressure drop ensuring excellent performance across a wide range of pressures and applications.
  • Zero leakage due to proven bellows sealed technology for reliability and safeguarding personnel.
  • Bleed connection facility to safely bleed off downstream pressure.



  • DBB3


  • Body and Bonnet: Steel

Body Design Rating

  • PN 40 or ASME 300


  • Flanged PN 40 or Flanged ASME 300

Bleed Connection

  • Flanged DN 15
  • Screwed 1/2” BSP/ NPT
  • Socket weld 1/2”


  • DN 15 - DN 100


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