Heavy-Duty Van Stone Thermowells

Brand: Pyromation

Heavy-Duty Van Stone Thermowells are available in a variety of materials, flange sizes, and pressure ratings.

They are also available in various lengths and with optional lagging extensions. Thermowell specifications should be determined based on process conditions which include strength, temperature, pressure and corrosion-resistance requirements.

Heavy-duty Van Stone thermowells are supplied with a 0.260" or 0.385" bore diameter to accommodate sensing elements with 0.252" or 0.377" maximum diameter, respectively.

Van Stone thermowells are connected using a separate and reusable lapped backing flange, eliminating the need for expensive flange materials. The tapered design is suited for heavy-duty applications where greater rigidity is required for increased pressure and flow due to process conditions.

These wells are available as separate components or as part of complete sensor assemblies.


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