BX Metal Bellows Seal

Brand: Flowserve Corporation

Engineered to drive exceptional, long-term equipment reliability and lower energy consumption.
  • Longer Service Life Via 0.20 Mm (0.008 Inch) Thick Standard Welded Bellows For Maximum Resistance To Corrosion, Shaft Vibrations And Centrifugal Forces.
  • Optimal Performance Is Attained By Selecting From Three Standard Seal Face Balances; The BXQ Seal Is High Balanced For Flashing Hydrocarbon Applications.
  • Increased Maintenance Intervals Due To A Self-Cleaning Rotating Bellows That Replaces The Need For Springs And Dynamic Elastomers To Lessen Clogging Vulnerabilities.
  • Maintain The Performance Benefits Of Self-Cleaning Rotating Bellows In Dual Pressurized Arrangement 3 Seals With The BXB Seal’S Unique ID Pressurized Seal Face Balance.


Arrangement 1 Single Seal (Common Piping Plans 11, 13, 23, 32, 62)


Arrangement 2 Unpressurized Dual Seal with Dry Running Back-Up (Common Piping Plans 72, 75, 76)

  • BXQ / GSL

Arrangement 2 Unpressurized Dual Wet Seal (Common Piping Plans 52)

  • BX / BX

Arrangement 3 Pressurized Dual Wet Seal (Common Piping Plans 53A, 53C)

  • BXB / BX

Arrangement 3 Pressurized Dual Wet Seal (Common Piping Plans 53B, 54)

  • BX / BX


  • Inner Bellows Designed for I.D. Pressurization with Barrier Fluid. Standard API 682 Typical B Arrangement 3 pressurized Dual Seal.


  • Designed to International Standard DIN EN 12 756 L1k for use in DIN Pumps.


  • High Balance Low Emission Hydrocarbon Design for Specific Gravities down to 0.45 with Multi-Port Flush. Standard API 682 Typical B Arrangement 1 Seal.


  • Up to 27.6 bar (400 psi)


  • 12.3 to 127 mm (0.483 to 5.000”)


  • Up to 23 m/sec (75 ft/sec)


  • -40° to 204° C (-40° to 400° F)

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