Barge VTP Wet Pit Pump

Brand: Flowserve Corporation

Specifically designed for transportation barges, the Flowserve Barge Pump continues to be the premier brand used on inland and coastal waterways.

The Barge Pump is a vertical self-contained, self-priming unit designed for barge unloading and transfer operations.

With the high-efficiency Barge Pump, stripping turnaround times are kept to a minimum.

Furthermore, its innovative pollution prevention design inhibits costly oil and chemical spills.
  • Self-Priming Stripper Stage Operates Efficiently At Extremely Low Submergence Levels, And Will Maintain Pumping Performance During Operations Which Induce Large Quantities Of Air Ingestion.
  • Stator Case Provides Smooth Fluid Transition To Pressure Stages.
  • Enclosed Impellers Provide Pressure For Offloading.
  • Access Ports Allow Full Maintenance Of The Stuffing Box Without Removing The Driver.
  • Bleed Off Stuffing Box Diverts Product Bypass Back To The Compartment Via A Sealed Return Line To Prevent Costly Spills.
  • Multistage Design Meets A Wide Range Of Capacity And Head Requirements.


Operating Parameters

  • Discharge Flanges to 250 mm (10”)
  • Flows to 1035 m³/hour (5000 gpm)
  • Pressures to 8.6 bar (125 psi)

Size Range

  • Sizes from 250 mm (10”) to 500 mm (20”)

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