Series 440 Programmable RTD Temperature Transmitter

Brand: Pyromation

The Series 440 programmable RTD temperature transmitter is a 2-wire transmitter with an analog output.

It has measurement input for Pt100 resistance thermometers (RTD) in 2- or 3-wire connections. Setting up of the transmitter is done using the communication cable.

These small units can be mounted in Pyromation connection heads or they can be used for surface mounting by using a 35 mm DIN-rail mounting clip.
  • Universally PC programmable for Pt100 signals
  • 2-wire technology, (4 to 20) mA analog output
  • High accuracy in total ambient temperature range
  • Fault signal on sensor break or short circuit
  • RFI/EMI Protected, CE marked
  • cURus, UL Recognized Component
  • FM, CSA General Purpose and non-incendive for use in hazardous locations
  • Online configuration during measurement using
  • SETUP connector
  • Output simulation



Connection Type

  • 2-Wire
  • 3-Wire

Sensor Cable Resistance

  • Maximum 11 Ω Per Cable

Sensor Current

  • ≤ 0.6 mA

Output Signal

  • (4 to 20) mA or (20 to 4) mA

Transmission as

  • Temperature Linear

Switch on Delay

  • 4 s

Measurement Range

  • -200° to 650° C
  • -328° to 1,202° F

  • PC programmable temperature head transmitter for converting Pt100 input signal into an scalable (4 to 20) mA analog output signal
  • Platinum resistance thermometer (RTD)
  • Online configuration using PC with SETUP connector

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