Sanitary Diaphragm Seals

Brand: Trerice Gauges & Valves

The Trerice Sanitary Diaphragm Seal is intended for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries, or in any application where a thorough cleaning of the wetted surface is required.

Ease of maintenance is ensured as surfaces that contact the process media are virtually free of crevices. The all welded construction and external Tri-Clamp connection allow for easy removal and cleaning.

Protective devices that isolate a pressure sensing instrument from the process fluid being monitored. Especially useful when measuring corrosive or viscous pressure mediums.
  • External Tri-Clamp
  • Clean-out Design
  • All Welded Design


Diaphragm Types

  • Welded Metal

Diaphragm Size

  • Sanitary

Process Conenction

  • Tri-Clamp

Clean-Out Design

  • Yes

1/4 NPT Flushing Connection

  • No

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