Relational Production Information Control System

Brand: Azbil North America, Inc

PREXION™ automatically collects process data and production data from various monitoring and control systems in a plant or factory and stores this history data for an extended period of time, providing an open production information management environment.

Data that has been collected and stored by PREXION can easily be used on networked computers in various departments for an accurate understanding of operation and production status.
  • Keywords for plant informatization
    • PREXION is connected to a control system via the industry-standard OPC (OLE for Process Control), so it can be connected to control systems provided by OPC servers without using any of our interfaces. 
  • Data handling according to plant characteristics
    • Periodic collection and storage Collects data from a control system periodically and appends a timestamp, and then stores and manages it as history data in a relational database.
    • Event-based data collection and storage Collects tag data from a control system at user-defined timing and stores and manages it in a relational database. 
  • Open use of data
    • PREXION history data can be easily used in trend and analysis tools, Excel, Access, and web browsers. 
  • Easy to operate for both data users and system administrators
    • PREXION offers very simple operation in all situations, from engineering to data usage and maintenance, for customers who only need to know Windows systems.

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