Solid State Relays

Brand: Azbil North America, Inc

The PGM10N and PGM10F are solid state relays with zero cross function for use with single-phase power supplies.

Used in combination with a time proportional voltage pulse output controller or the like, these relays facilitate heating control.
  • Two main model types to fit the application
    • Models without a heat sink (PGM10N) and models with a built-in heat sink (PGM10F) are available.
  • Easy installation
    • All models without a heat sink (15 A, 25 A, and 45 A) have standardized installation pitches and external dimensions.
    • Models with a built-in heat sink can be installed on a DIN rail.
  • Small footprint
    • Models with a built-in heat sink are thin and can be installed in close contact, making them very useful where space is tight.
  • Fully equipped
    • All models include a terminal cover and operation indicators as standard equipment, and have a built-in varistor.
  • Easy connection
    • A wide range of voltage is acceptable for the input signal. Relays can be easily connected to Azbil controllers.


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