Circulator Seal Support System

Brand: Flowserve Corporation

Liquid-lubricated dual mechanical seals require an external source of fluid.

A properly selected circulation system eliminates the need to connect to a distant and sometimes unreliable pressure source and creates barrier fluid flow when the seal cannot induce flow.

Flowserve offers a complete line of standard circulators for a wide range of sealing applications and custom designed circulation systems based on your specifications.
  • Plan 54 Circulators Are Designed To Provide Clean Barrier Fluid At A Controlled Flow Rate, Pressure And Temperature.
  • Flow Is Created By A Positive Displacement Pump And Pressure Is Controlled By Valves.
  • System Cleanliness Is Maintained By Using One Or More High Quality Full Flow Liquid Filters To Ensure The Fluid Is Clean And Free Of Contamination.
  • Plan 54 Systems Can Be Instrumented To Support Multiple Seals Or Pumps.
  • A Wide Range Of Instrumentation Can Be Selected According To Local Standards And Adapted To Suit Application And Customer Requirements.
  • Cooling Coil Inside The Reservoir Is Optional.

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