Type 2712 Pneumatically Operated 2-Way Globe Control Valve

Brand: Burkert Fluid Control Systems
Does not ship to Virginia, United States

The 2712 system has been specifically engineered for reliable control in applications where control accuracy is paramount.

The 2712 is made from an all stainless steel valve body combined with Burkert’s classic pneumatic actuator. Each globe valve body can be fitted with three to five sizes of trim sets. These parabolic trims provide a reliable and repeatable characteristic to vary the flow.

The control cones are available in either stainless steel or with a durable PTFE seal for tight shut-off. When actuated by the 8635 Side Control, Side Controls 8792/93 Remote versions or the 8694/8692/8693/ 8630

Top Control it forms a unique control valve system which can be operated as either a simple accurate positioner or an auto tune PID process controller for flow, temperature or pressure.
  • Excellent control characteristics with compact housing
  • High life cycle and variability by removable trim kits
  • Robust actuator with modular accessory program
  • Stainless steel housing with flange, thread or weld end connection
  • High operative safety


Enclosure/Body Material

  • Body: 316L Stainless Steel / CF3M

Material of Construction

  • Actuator: PA Polyamide
  • Pilot Air Ports & Adapter: Stainless Steel 1.4305
  • Seal: Graphite or PTFE, PEEK, Stainless Steel

Port Connection

  • Flange, Threaded, Welded, Clamp

Medium Temperature

  • -40° to 230° C

Ambient Temperature

  • -10° to 50° C

Nominal Diameter

  • DN 65 - 100

Pilot Pressure

  • Maximum 5.0 to 6.0 bar(g)

Actuator Size

  • 225 mm (L)

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