GTS OEM & Special Duty Seal

Brand: Flowserve Corporation

The advanced GTS seal is designed to handle real world steam applications providing the benefits of a mechanical seal in sealing steam turbines.
  • Laser-Applied Precision Face Topography Waves Create A Non-Contacting, Non-Clogging Gas Film Between The Seal Faces Resulting In Outstanding Seal Life.
  • Fully Bidirectional Design Enables The Same Design To Be Used On Both Ends Of Double Ended Steam Turbines.
  • Unique Spring Energized Graphite (SEG) Secondary Seals Provide Both High Temperature Capability And Zero Leak-By While Also Minimizing Seal Face Distortions.
  • Heat Treated Alloy 718 Bellows Handles High Steam Temperatures And Maintains A Light Contact Load On The Seal Faces Which Assures Low Steam Leakage And Zero Seal Face Wear.
  • Internal And External Mount Configurations Enable Fitment In Most Steam Turbines With Little Or No Equipment Modifications.


Exhaust Pressure

  • 0 to 20 bar (300 psi)

Exhaust Temperature

  • Up to 343° C (650° F)

External Mount

  • Great for New Steam Turbines & Retrofits with Some Equipment Modification
  • Mounts Outside the Seal Chamber when Space Allows
  • Supplied in the Traditional Cartridge Seal Configuration

Internal Mount

  • Can be Supplied as a Cartridge Seal
  • Directly Replaces Carbon Ring Seals without Requiring Equipment Modifications
  • Greatly Reduces Steam Leakage & Improves Turbine Efficiency


  • 54 to 181 mm (2.125 to 7.125”)


  • Up to 7,000 rpm

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