Excela™ Electronic Switch

Brand: United Electric Controls Ltd.

Excela is especially relevant for industrial plant upgrades, offering ease of maintenance and accompanying low costs, electronic switches can be installed in existing two-wire mechanical switch infrastructure.

Upgrades to ruggedly reliable and state-of-the-art technology are simple, swift and inexpensive.

Unlike other options, which necessitate the reprogramming of set points or other adjustments making the transition complicated and costly, electronic switches offer an easy alternative.
  • Two wire design allows for easy integration and lower initial costs
  • Simple programming and precision settings for better operational control and performance
  • LED display and red/green indicator lights provide visual status of operational performance
  • Rugged, solid state design delivers reliable performance, low maintenance, and lower cost of ownership


Power Input

  • Digital Input from PLC, DCS or I/O Cards, 8 to 50 Vdc @ up to 0.1 Amp


  • 0.5 % of Full Range Span

Operating Temperature

  • -40° C to 71° C
  • -40° F to 160° F


  • Type 4X / IP66 Certified Epoxy Coated Aluminum Alloy 360


  • Gauge Pressure
  • Differential Pressure
  • Temperature

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